We are all about Documenting Humanity to Make a Difference and for this we are creating partnerships with NGO's to raise awareness and empower their initiatives.

Lesvos Solidarity

Lesvos Solidarity believes that no human is illegal and that borders should be open.

Lesvos Solidarity provides refugees with shelter and hospitality but not registration. The refugees who stay at their camp are some of the most vulnerable: disabled, sick, pregnant and the families of victims of shipwrecks. They offer food, clothes, hygiene kits, medical assistance. They also organize activities for children, language classes and social support.

Website: Lesvos Solidarity

On 2017 we joined forces with LESVOS SOLIDARITY to provide urgently needed relief to refugees. Together we:

  • Raised awareness of the current Refugee crisis
  • Conduct a workshop among refugees, providing them cameras and letting them tell their own stories
  • Help increase donations which go directly to much needed refugee aid programs
  • Increase sales recycle lifesavers bags hand crafted by refugees
  • Photos sold during world exhibitions go directly to Lesvos Solidarity
  • Photo Book profits will go directly to Lesvos Solidarity
  • Increase volunteer program participants

She Has Hope

She Has Hope rescues and rehabilitates human trafficking survivors with the goal of restoring them to a life full of hope.
In response to the human trafficking crisis in South Asia, we operate a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu that is home to several Nepali girls and young ladies rescued from human trafficking. There they receive counseling and medical care, room & board, literacy classes, and become proficient in several craft-making, seamstress and gardening skills through daily coursework offered by our full time teachers in a loving and secure family environment.

Website: She Has Hope

On 2016 we joined forces with SHE HAS HOPE to bring awareness to human trafficking survivors. Together we:

  • Raised awareness of Human Trafficking Survivors by sharing over 20,000 photos in 718 cities from 107 countries
  • Increase hand crafted sales which directly support human trafficking prevention, intervention and rehabilitation
  • Photos sold during world exhibitions went directly to She Has Hope
  • Donations increased at www.shehashope.org
  • Volunteer program received new participants
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